The Cutest Flat-Faced Cat Breeds

Who doesn’t love flat-faced cats? Their worried faces are just adorable with those round eyes and overall squishiness. They’re so cute we want to di‌e! There are dozens of cute flat-faced cat breeds around the world, and they’re also very sociable – they love pets and cuddles.

Flat-faced cats belong to the so-called brachycephalic family of felines. They have a flat face and short noses which isn’t for appearances only – it’s a genetic trait that involves the shortening and broadening of the cat’s skull. The word “brachy” means short while “cephalic” means head. So, basically, it’s a fancy Latin word for “short head”.

The short heads have taken the world by storm thanks to the late and great Grumpy Cat. The miserable cat was loved worldwide and helped brachycephalic cats gain fame. While they may look unhappy on the surface, these are among the cuddliest cats you can find.

From Scottish Folds to Persians, here are the cutest flat-based cat breeds you’ll surely want to cuddle.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold kittens are known for their adorable flat faces and the teddy bear ears too. Nicknamed flops, they have pretty large eyes along with round paws, and the characteristic short nose. Their deep grey color gives them a lush appearance, making Scottish Folds the most well-known flat faced cat breeds.

These guys are moderately active and very playful. They’d love to lazy around all day long while you cuddle them. They also require regular grooming, and you’ll need to wipe the corners of their eyes with a damp cloth regularly too. Scottish Folds love hanging around with their humans, so don’t make the mistake of leaving them alone at home for a long time.


Stars of Instagram posts, Munchkin kittens are so cute and fluffy we can’t stop looking at them. They are pretty tiny and have a playful nature. Munchkins have short legs and flat faces and are often called the daschund among cats. Don’t mistake those short legs for being lazy and inactive – they can pounce on ‘prey’ quickly and are pretty energetic.

Munchkins are a highly trainable flat faced cat breed who enjoy learning puzzles and tricks. They are a great indoor cat and are perfect for flats.


Persians are fluffy and adorable. Their luxury coats are like no other, and those jewel-like eyes are just dazzling. Out of all flat faced cat breeds, Persians may be the most famous worldwide. Their stocky frame and big head along with the silky fur make them stand out in the crowd. You’ll need to groom them regularly and also clean their faces. Tear stains are a big problem that can easily ruin the appearance of your Persian.

Bombay Cats

Bombay cats have a very luxury appearance. They look like panthers with their dark coats and piercing yellow eyes and muscular frame. However, they want a lot of love and affection and are huge on cuddling. This is one of the poshest flat faced breed of them all, but underneath the surface, they are big softies.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic shorthair cats are a perfect alternative if you, for some reason, don’t like Persians. They have a round face with a short nose and short fur that doesn’t require as much grooming as Persians. These velvet teddy bears love to cuddle and snuggle and are pretty docile for a cat breed.

Himalayan Cat

Himmies are a mix of Persian and Siamese cats. They are pretty sweet and are big softies – the Himalayan is a perfect cat breed for quiet homes. However, keep in mind that they’re very attached to their owners, but are not sold on guests.

Other than that, they’re pretty sweet and cuddly. They are also among the most expensive cat breeds of all time, and require a lot of grooming and pampering. Be ready to meet those requirements if you want to get a Himmy.

British Shorthair

British shorthair cats don’t need a lot of exercise compared to other flat faced cat breeds. They are pretty calm and relaxed, and look stunning with those dark coats and round heads and eyes. They look surprised and alert all the time, but underneath it all is a playful and calm kitty.

You can easily entertain them with toys. British shorthairs are among the most sociable flat-faced breed which will sit on your lap and play with you all day long.

Burmilla Cats

Take a look at these adorable kitties. Burmillas look like a mix of Burmese cats and chinchillas and we can’t get enough of those eyes and ears. They have a broad and shallow muzzle and are among the most expensive flat-faced breeds. Their faces don’t look that smooshed as the others thanks to their well-defined chin.

They aren’t just famous for their flat faces – they are also great family pets. Burmillas have a kind nature, but require a lot of grooming and perfect hygiene. Make sure to use a good cat litter and clean their box all the time, or they won’t go in it.

Burmese Cats

Burmese cats are pretty energetic and curious, so get ready to satisfy that curiosity. They have more energy than most brachycephalic cats so they need a lot of space to explore. Burmese cats can learn new tricks with ease and play fetch even better than some dog breeds.

The silk fur makes them look pretty elegant. They’ll need regular weekly brushing and the occasional bath. While they’re highly energetic, Burmese cats will literally switch off at night. When they sleep, they’re the perfect flat-faced cat breed for snuggling.

Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex is the most unique flat-faced cat breed. They have a pretty unusual fur so they’re not for everyone. However, their exquisite squishy faces are simply too cute to ignore. Besides their curly coat, their whiskers are curled too. Selkirk Rex kittens love to cuddle. They require regular brushing (a few times per week) and are easily entertained with toys. While they’re not that energetic, these kittens are pretty social.

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