The First Civilization on Earth is 103 Million-Year-Old and it Came From Other Planet

If you’re bored and you wish to delve into one of the world’s greatest mysteries then check out the following video that elaborates the article “Is Civilization On Earth 103 Million Years Old and Were They Aliens?” by UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES.

We’ve looked into it, and it definitely brings up some interesting points. For example, it brings up the most popular theory at the time, the theory that we ourselves were never originally from Earth.

It states that we originally inhabited Mars and/or the Moon that our civilization couldn’t prosper on those planets so instead we were forced to move.

We went to Earth which was way more inhabitable and so we stayed here. Look at these pictures of pyramids that were uncovered on Mars for example. They look exactly like the Ancient Egyptian built pyramids of the past.

The video goes quite deep into how old humanity really is, and how this makes sense. It’s hard to believe, trust us, we know, but the truth is that it’s not always as simple as it sounds.

Sure, we can as‌sume that we were born here, that we are only 1-2 million years old as a species, but the truth is that we’ve found too much evidence against it for this to still be considered a possibility.

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