The lament that freed a clumsy dog that had been tethered for four years and was unable to go

The lament that freed a clumsy dog that had been tethered for four years and was unable to go

A culture of neglect has the harshest consequences in the lives of many pets, as there are still some people who see animals as just simple home decorations or a good Christmas present, forgetting that they are living creatures.

On this occasion, the story of a puppy, awarded the title of Hero by rescuers , once again breaks our hearts.

The dog was found in a deplorable state inside a residence in the state of Georgia (United States), at the time of the rescue the creature was attached to a tree and weighed just 11 kilograms.

For a large breed adult dog, his state of malnutrition was evident since another creature like him must be around 23 kilograms. Seeing that bag of bones and sad eyes was very emotional for the volunteers from Go Dogs Go Rescue Inc., who took it upon themselves to save it.

Although these people are used to dealing with cases of neglect and abuse, they were all outraged by the reality of Hero. The dog was tied up almost every day for the last 4 years of his life.

This little soul never had a roof to protect itself from the cold, much less a bed to sleep comfortably. The only thing that accompanied him in his four years were the terrible chains with which his owner had him enslaved.

Once the volunteers freed him from that nightmare, Hero was taken to the organization’s shelter and they began to treat his injuries. His neck was obviously injured, as the permanent use of the chain caused lacerations. Also, Hero was diagnosed with heartworm .

The news was devastating for everyone, but the vets did their best to pull him through and the puppy also proved to be quite the warrior. Not in vain had he been able to resist so much pain for years, because his strong spirit pulled him through and he even managed to overcome the disease.

Despite all the ill-treatment received, Hero did not become an aggressive animal either, and on the contrary, his heart was quite generous and his personality calm.

“He is very gentle, loving and obedient. There is no doubt that his first family failed him, Hero just wants to be friendly with the rest of the pets all day, ”said his rescuer.

Perhaps Hero still has the memories of everything he suffered, so it is more than unfair that these creatures should be exposed to such cruel treatment. So we will not get tired of reporting these types of cases. Fortunately, he had a better ending than many puppies that di‌e daily due to the negligence of their owners.

The puppy’s life was able to change thanks to its rescuers and a complaint made a difference. Share their case and remind everyone that we are the only ones who could stop these injustices.

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