The Legendary Thunderbird Creature Was Real – It May Exist Even Today in the United States

Out of the 15,000 to 18,000 new species of animals we come across on a yearly basis you’d think we have a good understanding of what to expect from them, but you’d be wrong. With each discovery, it appears as though a new puzzle piece is uncovered altogether.

After such a creature is discovered we test out its DNA in order to see whether it is a new species altogether that has never been spotted before or if it is one from the past.

Xem Video: Legend or Lie- Tombstone Thunderbird

Usually, a lot of these are creatures that have been talked about before, usually in legends by the locals, and such is the case for the Thunderbird.

This huge bird was originally only believed in by the North American Natives as they feared it because of its size and its ability to cause thunderstorms wherever it went. In a sign of respect for the creature, the Natives would oftentimes sculpt totems and tell legends about it.

The legends speak of how these creatures served under the Great Spirits of the World and lived on the mountain peaks ready to bring forth thunderstorms to anyone that disrespected them or their masters.

Many believe that these creatures were actually the prehistoric Pteranodon that went extinct millions of years ago.

But if so, how did the Native Americans know about them, to begin with? Many believe that these creatures never went extinct, to begin with.

Take for example this picture that was taken during the American Civil War in 1864. As you can see, six American soldiers sit on top of a giant bird.

But, in 1977 yet another report was made in Lawndale Illinois as three children reported having been chased down by a huge bird that took their friend, Marlon Lowe, with it.

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