The mystery of the 3-year-old boy who found the murderer in his previous life

The mystery of the 3-year-old boy who found the murderer in his previous life

There are children who can remember their past lives, even remember the person who killed them in their previous life, making it difficult for the scientific community to explain.

The boy pointed out the killer who killed him in his previous life

A boy living in the Golan Heights area, near the Syrian-Israeli border, was born with a long red birthmark on his head. The boy told his family that, in his previous life, he had been murdered.

At first, no one believed the boy, until he led the village elder to the burial site.

Accompanying the group of seniors was Dr. Eli Lasch, who was credited with developing a government health system in Gaza, who witnessed the whole thing that followed.

The villagers dug in what the boy identified as the burial ground of his “past life” and found a human skeleton there.

The boy said he was once killed with an ax, and then led the village elders to the place where the killer had buried the weapon. People have indeed dug an ax there. Strangely, a large ax cut on the skeleton was found to resemble a birthmark on the boy’s head.

The boy continued to lead people to the village where he lived in his previous life and told them his name in his previous life.

When a resident of the boy’s “past life” village was asked about the man with the name he revealed, they said that the man had gone missing four years ago and had never returned since. there.

The strangest thing, however, was that the boy could remember exactly who the killer was. When the present-day boy came face-to-face with that person, his face suddenly turned white and began to behave extremely suspiciously.

After a period of impeachment, the murderer finally admitted to the crime of killing a man 4 years ago with an ax blow as the boy said and finally, he was prosecuted before the law.

4-year-old boy tells story of being shot in the throat in his previous life

That is the case of a boy named Edward Austrian, 4 years old, American. According to his family, Edward was often moody on drizzly, gray days. The boy then had throat problems and started complaining of severe pain.

Each time he had such a sore throat, Edward always said that he had been “seriously shot” in his previous life in a trench at the time of World War I.

Edward Austrian, 4, believes he was a soldier during World War I. (Pictured via

Edward said that he was an 18-year-old soldier at the time, fighting on the battlefield in France, when a bullet went through his throat and he felt his entire throat fill with blood. And it was the bullet that caused him to be killed in his previous life, causing frequent sore throats in this life.

Not believing the stories she told, the family took her to see a doctor to check the health of the throat.

Initially, the doctors could not find the cause of the sore throat, so they had to remove the tonsils for the boy Edward. Later, the doctor discovered a cyst growing in his throat but could not do any treatment for the boy to return home.

Edward believes that it was the bullet in the neck in his previous life that caused him to always have a sore throat in this life. (Photo courtesy of TH)

However, the strange thing is that when he went home for a while, the boy kept telling his family members about his past life stories, and the cyst in his throat disappeared and no longer hurt. . This surprised the doctors because normally these cysts do not go away spontaneously.

Was it because the memory of the wound from the previous life that had remained until now was released, and the disease disappeared along with it?

5-year-old boy tells about his death 50 years ago

Ryan, 5 years old, living in Oklahoma, USA can remember life in 20th century Hollywood and his death in hospital bed in 1963.

According to News Australia, her mother, Cyndi, who does not believe in myths about reincarnation, was baffled when she realized her son had memories of a life he believed to be a past life.

5-year-old boy Ryan, lives in Oklahoma, USA. (Photo via

Young Ryan flipped through the pages of old Hollywood books and chanted the names of famous characters he called “friends”, such as the famous female star Rita Hayworth, even telling the secret behind the scenes. school at that time.

Ryan said his previous life was named Marty Martyn, an important Hollywood figure who lived in Los Angeles and di‌ed of cancer in 1963, more than 50 years before Ryan was born.

Ryan said that the man named Marty wants to “come back” to atone for his sins, because in his previous life he was too workaholic, did not spend enough time with his family because he did not realize that love is what is worth it. warmest.

In addition, Ryan also describes other details about life in a past life. These stories have all been tested by Tucker’s team and proven to be true. It’s the memories of the sisters (Marty has two sisters) and the mother with the curly chestnut hair, the time as a dancer on Broadway, the mansion with the large pool in Los Angeles and the date with beautiful girls on the beach.

Ryan believes that the boy di‌ed of cancer in a previous life. (Picture via Pinterest)

Ryan also learns that he di‌ed in a previous life in a room with a lot of numbers on the door, and the truth coincided surprisingly well when Marty di‌ed of cancer in a hospital room in 1963.

Occasionally, the boy cried because he regretted his golden age but also said he was tired of those memories. At one point, Ryan said to his mother, “Mom, I just want to be myself, not the child of my previous life.”

According to Tucker B Jim, author of books about past lives, memories of past lives are most strongly expressed in young children because their minds have not been affected much by the present life.

However, he also emphasized that Ryan’s paranormal abilities were different from the cases he had investigated. This boy knew his grandmother had a son who di‌ed shortly after birth, something even his mother never knew. Ryan can even predict who his teacher will be, or know who’s calling right before he picks up the phone.

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