The oldest chihuahua in the shelter, he is sho‌cked that they remember his 23rd birthday.

The oldest chihuahua in the shelter, he is sho‌cked that they remember his 23rd birthday.

An adorable Chihuahua puppy considered to be the oldest in a shelter , its name is Bully, a fluffy puppy who achieved a milestone in his breed’s history as he turned his age. 23, a number much higher than its species.

To honor all the years of his life, his caregivers decided to do something special for him and not let his birthday pass.

The oldest puppy at the shelter happily celebrates its 23rd anniversary.

Since he was born in 1999, this adorable ball of fur belonged to an elderly man who was in charge of taking care of him throughout his life, he lasted 21 years with his grandfather.

However, the man’s physical energy was diminishing and he could no longer provide him with all the care he needed.

Since then, he has spent his life in a shelter , fortunately, some members of The Mr. Mo Project found out about his story and decided to take him in.

Chris Hughes and his wife, who run the shelter, have become their primary caretakers for the past couple of years.

Thanks to Bully’s birthday, the couple managed to raise some funds for the shelter.

For his old family, Bully is a little dog with incomparable energy , they described him as a “big dog in the body of a small dog” . His current caretaker, Hughes commented on it:

“Bully is feisty, mischievous, sweet, independent, gentle, calm and has an old man’s bark. Even at his age, he likes to try to push other of our Chihuahuas.”

After spending a long time playing and channeling his energy with the rest of the furry ones, Bully seems to demand his nap hours .

“Bully loves to sleep and has earned that right. He will fall asleep absolutely anywhere, sometimes in the middle of the kitchen floor, in a potty, or in the biggest and most comfortable bed in the corner, ”commented his caretaker.

This is how the days pass by this adorable puppy who from the first moment conquered his caregivers. To celebrate his active spirit, the couple decided to surprise him and celebrate his birthday with the things he likes the most.

The day of the celebration there were not only appetizers for the birthday boy, the party was decorated in a special way , what stood out the most was the number 23 in giant balloons. Undoubtedly, the moment had to be captured with beautiful photos that will become the favorites of those who care for it so lovingly today.

It is not common to see a puppy reach such an advanced age.

Chris Hughes and his wife took care of every last detail so that Bully could enjoy his day. As this beautiful Chihuahua has almost no teeth , the family decided to buy him some soft biscuits.

“She doesn’t have too many teeth, so we got her a soft cookie and crumbled it up for her to enjoy. She really, really enjoys sleeping, so that’s the best gift to give her,” Hughes added.

Although it may seem small to some, it is a great gesture on the part of the couple who do everything possible to keep their foster puppies comfortable and happy . For them, it is vital that love and joy reign in the house, even more so after learning about the difficult past of many of the puppies they rescue.

They try to honor the small details that bring solace to the soul. In this regard, they commented:

“We try to celebrate all the great things that happen in our homes because not so great things often happen.”

Bully has a heart condition , his carers don’t know how long he has left, for them it’s important to celebrate that despite his age and diagnosis, he’s still with them enjoy this gift.

This puppy celebrated his birthday happily thanks to the little people dedicated to making his life better. Infinite thanks to the Hughes family for being instruments of love and expressing in their actions all the beauty that lives in their hearts.   

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