These Adorable Cats Are All Very Angry

We know that cats are purrfectly lovable critters who enjoy snuggles, scritches, rubs, and good old fashioned play time. That is indisputable, right? What we also pretty much know to be true: cats can get mighty angry. Little bal‌ls of fluffy fury that come equipped with literal murder mittens? Oh boy.

The glare of a furious feline is a sight to behold because it simultaneously instils fear and delight. Is my cat trying to murder me? Possibly. Is a cat’s angry face the cutest version of fury on the planet? Definitely. With that, enjoy these cats who are all angry for very understandable reasons (I’m sure.)

“His name is Tom, originally for Tomcat. Now, Tomas the Tank Engine.”

An absolute unit with a death stare.

It is indeed the cat’s toilet now.

via: youcanseemyface

“Then and now.”

via: opaw_winfrey

“Mad about her Christmas dress. Total death stare.”

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You’re done for, hooman.

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What can I say except you’re welcome?

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You have some audacity.

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Resting Cattitude Face

via: Zepharan

“Caligula is a lot sweeter than she looks.”

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This is not the siesta kitty had in mind.

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Blame me. I DARE you.

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