They discover a huge UFO 300 meters in diameter near the International Space Station(proof of ufo)

NASA has been accused by active and passive of hiding evidence of the existence of UFOs. Not one, but several times. And this is mainly due to the large number of videos where you can see how the US space agency cut the live broadcast from the International Space Station (ISS) just at the time a strange object appeared.(UFO 300 meters in diameter near the International Space Station)

This forced the very same NASA to offer a logical and rational explanation. Interruptions in live video broadcasting from the ISS are very common. Apparently this happens because the space station moves constantly and, sometimes, it goes out of reach of data relay and tracking satellites. That is when live broadcasts are cut automatically. However, for the conspiracy theorists the official version does not serve as an excuse since they consider that NASA is hiding the evidence of UFOs repeatedly. And although this time it has not been the case, again the camera that broadcasts live continuously from the ISS shows what appears to be a huge triangular UFO.(UFO 300 meters in diameter near the International Space Station)

Mother ship near the ISS

A new video that corresponds to one of the cameras that retransmits live from the International Space Station shows what appears to be a triangular UFO of approximately 300 meters in diameter. In the first place, a flickering light appears, and little by little it is showing what it really is, a spaceship the size of a warship. For conspiracy theorists, it must undoubtedly be “enormous” as it passes some distance from the ISS.(UFO 300 meters in diameter near the International Space Station)

Other experts in the field as‌sure that the extraterrestrial craft could have about 300 meters in diameter, with the ability to fly from Earth to the Moon in less than a minute. The video was published by YouTube channel UFO Today on April 13, 2018, where they explain the following:

“We can see the International Space Station that orbits the Earth when suddenly a UFO appears very close. It seems that the magnetic field of the Earth was interfering with the UFO, since it is revealed, causing intermittent lights. It is similar to the effect we see when a piece of aluminum is placed inside a microwave. Whatever this object is, it must be huge since it was passing under the ISS some distance. “

For its part, the popular ufologist Scott C. Waring has his own theory about the mysterious object that can be seen in the video. For him it is not about different UFOs, but of a mothership that can have up to 300 meters in diameter.(UFO 300 meters in diameter near the International Space Station)

“This UFO is going to blow your imagination! I mean it just appears as a single bright orb , writes Waring in his blog UFO Sightings Daily. “Then it is divided into approximately 4-6 glowing spheres! During this time, the UFO is partially revealed, which means that there are 6 UFOs, but a large UFO of approximately 300 meters in diameter. As you can see in the video, it has one more form of TR-3 3B … which means it’s a triangle! The UFO TR3B is known to be of extraterrestrial origin that the United States Air Force has modified to be used by humans. This seems to be one of those secret government ships. Such a ship has the ability to fly from Earth to the Moon in less than a minute. It’s not the speed of light, but it’s fast. “

However, Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigation Manual, said there was a simple explanation for these mysterious lights, ruling out their origin from other worlds. He said that the flashing lights in this video were probably just remnants of space debris or a satellite.(UFO 300 meters in diameter near the International Space Station)

“Often the images showing UFOs near the ISS are reflections from the camera lens, ” Watson told MailOnline. “Usually, people who post videos like this are more concerned about adding music and putting ridiculous ideas about UFOs that could perfectly be the plot of the next Star Trek movie.”

In this case we already have all the points of view, those who believe that without a doubt the video shows a huge UFO of extraterrestrial origin, and those who have offered a logical and rational explanation.(UFO 300 meters in diameter near the International Space Station)

And what do you think about this strange object? Is it a UFO of extraterrestrial origin? Or can it be a reflection in the lens of the camera or space junk?

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