UFO caught on Camera after Volcano Eruption

Some odd footage was recently captured in Mexico. The camera shows a strange, floating object in the sky near a recently erupted volcano. The video was taken by a 24-hour webcam that has been watching the mountain since last week. UFO hunters have since taken to the internet claiming this is yet another sign of alien life.

Strange UFO “Lights” Appear After Major Volcano Eruption! 4/8/16

Watch video:: TQ47y0sytlk


In the video, the camera clearly captures the exploding volcano, however, something weird seems to be surrounding the blast. A white object with a streak of smoke can be spotted flying behind the Mexican volcano before flying away to the distance. Is this evidence of a UFO? Many seem to think so. Others think that the object caught on camera was simply a plane or maybe volcanic material from the eruption.


This is not the first time a camera caught a UFO flying around this volcano. Other sightings were logged in October of last year and also in 2014. Despite this mysterious footage, many claim the camera doesn’t provide any hard evidence. Some have gone online in response to UFO hunters saying the object was nothing more than a plane. In response to that denial, one could ask why a plane was flying so close to a volcano.


Many UFO hunters have a theory that alien sightings around eruptions such as this are common. They suggest that aliens are studying our planet in orde to understand how it works. However, one could easily argue that this is just the volcanic material being ejected. One other suggestion says that the material from which these aliens triggers fake images. This may explain the strange reports of alien close encounters.The video gives no clear evidence, which has led many people to be split on the matter. For now, this will just be chalked up as another mystery. Finding life in space is something everyone seems concerned about. That being said, until some kind of hard evidence is found, skeptics will exist. It might be selfish to think humans are the only ones around, but we really don’t know otherwise.

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