UFO hot spots revealed in RAF’s ‘X Files’ listing 626 sightings in a year before secret unit shut down

BRITAIN’s UFO hot spots have been revealed in RAF ’X Files’ documents that list 626 sightings in the year before their secret unit shut down.

The Midlands had more than 100 sightings and London had 54 in 2009, the year the RAF stopped collecting records.

This image shows a reported UFO sighting above Stonehenge in 2015

This image from 2017 shows an alleged UFO sighting in Warminster, Wiltshire

Air traffic control employees, pilots, police officers and journalists were among those who reported the sightings.

Kent had 30 sightings in the same year and in Lancashire there were 24 sightings, with 22 in Essex.

There were more than 100 sighting across the Midlands including 22 in Derbyshire, 17 in Warwickshire and 13 reports from Lincolnshire.

In 27 instances, no location was provided at all and others are missing sighting times.

In 2009 alone, 626 sightings were reported across the UK.

Research by Fresh Student Living suggests the best time to look for UFOs is between 8pm and midnight.

The RAF ran a UFO unit for five decades but chose to shut it down in 2009 after it concluded none of the reports sent in offered evidence of a potential threat.

Members of the public reporting alleged UFO sightings are now directed to their local police force.

Until now, records from the RAF unit were sent to the National Archives, often initially classified before being made public years later.

But earlier this year chiefs said they would put the files online for all to see.

A spokesman for the RAF said: “It had been as‌sessed that it would be better to publish these records, rather than continue sending documents to the National Archives, and so they are looking to put them on to a dedicated gov.uk web page”.

One in five Brits admitted that it is likely alien currently live on Earth, according to a YouGov survey.

And 65 per cent it was not likely and 15 per cent were undecided.

Last week, the US government released videos taken by US Navy pilots that reportedly showed “unexplained aerial phenomena”.

The Pentagon footage, which had previously been leaked and has been seen before, was set public following an investigation into whether the sensitive material revealed “any sensitive capabilities or systems”.

The clips show three separate incidents involving “unidentified aerial phenomena,” one from November 2004 and two from January 2015.

A Department of Defense spokesperson said in a statement: “The U.S. Navy previously acknowledged that these videos circulating in the public domain were indeed Navy videos…

“DOD is releasing the videos in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real, or whether or not there is more to the videos.

“The aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterized as ’unidentified.’”

In the 2004 encounter, pilots reported seeing tic-tac like object in the sky

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