UFO sighting: Claim ’mysterious craft’ that ‘shoots away’ over Texas is ‘100 percent alien

A 45 second-long clip supposedly shot late last week has come to light on several alien life conspiracy sites. The amateur footage apparently shows a pixelated anomaly easily discernible against a clear and cloudless sky over Frisco, Texas.

After the apparently odd object is magnified using sophisticated photo software, it seems to be vaguely cylindrical in shape and potentially metallic.

Self-styled alien enthusiast Scott Waring controversially believes this video has inadvertently captured an alien craft in action.

Mr Waring took to his UFO Sightings Daily blog to speculate about the dubious discovery.

He said: “This UFO report just came in. It included a video and photo of the object.

“What really surprised me is that the object was seen and followed for a few seconds.

“The UFO seemed to realise it was being recorded and shot away at high speed in the opposite direction.

“Great video of the incredible manoeuvrability of UFOs.

“Also, the photo itself has a cross like shape to it from the side […] very strange.

“The video is fantastic and terrific evidence, but its the high detailed photo that confirms it is 100 percent an alien craft.”

Mr Waring also provides a statement from the person he claims was responsible for spotting the anomaly.

The eyewitness is quoted as saying: “I was at a stop light and looked up to see a metal sphere shape moving right under the clouds in a fast steady direction.

“The object seemed to have a green light coming from it whether it be an aura or steady lights I can’t say.

“I just know I noticed it being a metal ball and there was green on it or around it shining.

“I tried to video it but my video didn’t record it and I almost got in a wreck so I had to move on and pulled over and when I looked back up it was gone.

“Later in the day I kept looking up obsessively to try and spot it again and saw a white glowing orb just hanging out in the sky above me and I was able to film that.

“However, that wasn’t nearly as exciting as seeing what I saw at the stoplight, but regardless both sightings by me in one day.

“So my video is of second sighting with the basic white glowing orb but not the cool sphere unfortunately.”

However, despite the over-excited nature of these claims, there is a far more rational explanation for the incident.

This object is actually just a low-flying weather balloon or a perhaps a blimp.

This latest in a long line of UFO claims swiftly attracted scores of comments on the UFO Sightings Daily YouTube channel.

YouTube viewer Ken Collins was among those who was unconvinced by the claims.

He sarcastically commented: “You can tell it’s a real UFO bcz [sic] it’s nice and Blurry! WTH?

“Everything in the picture is crystal clear … UFO, nice and blurry, distorted as always!”

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