UFOs showed us physics we cannot understand, says top expert [details]

The Pentagon’s UFO report noted that the unknown objects spotted in the skies demonstrated advanced flying capabilities

It was on June 25 that the Pentagon released the much-anticipated UFO report, that talked about the unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP). In the report, the defense department neither admitted nor denied the involvement of aliens behind these flying object sightings, but they admitted that these unknown flying vessels demonstrated advanced flying capabilities. And now, a top expert has revealed that UFOs described in Pentagon’s report have shown humans the physics we do not understand. 

Xem Video: Was Pentagon researching on alien and UFO-related incidents?

UFOs that demonstrated advanced flying capabilities

Professor Madhu Thanavelu, of USC’s Department of Astronomical Engineering, recently told the BBC that these UFO sightings are real. He also made it clear that these vehicles have advanced technology that humans do not possess. 

“This particular report is underwhelming. We expected that. Many of us expect there is a lot more going on that we are not privy to. It is real. These objects are not hallucinations by our professional pilots because they are trained to observe. Are these alien objects? As in truly extraterrestrial visitations. Very hard to tell,” said Thanavelu. 

Thanavelu made it clear that these flying objects are known for performing unbelievable maneuvers which human technology is not capable of. 

“These objects show flight dynamics and physics that we don’t understand. That we don’t use in our technologies, our technologies won’t allow us to fluff body vehicles, that is not aerodynamic vehicles, at extreme rates of speed and very quick maneuvers and shifting speeds and, most of all, the disappearing from sight or transforming from an aircraft into a submersible without even a splash,” added Thanavelu. 

Predicting the trajectory of UFOs

Several Navy officials who have encountered UFOs had claimed that these flying objects used to screech across the skies in such a way that they defy all laws of physics. Recently, former American president Barack Obama had also revealed that it is difficult to predict the trajectories of these flying objects. 

As more authentic UFO sighting videos and stories surface online, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that an inevitable alien disclosure could be imminent. They also claim that the government has been covering up facts surrounding alien existence for several years. 

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