Unidentified Blue Orb Over Merrimack, New Hampshire Frightening Witnesses

The following picture was posted on the internet not too long ago, as the photographer decided to show his evidence of why this was a UFO lens flare he captured on the frame, and not just a random trick of the light as many believed it to be.

So, he said that when he first captured a mysterious blue orb on a camera he was in Merrimack, New Hampshire, and as strange as it looked at the time, he didn’t think anything about it until he sent it off to NH1 News asking them for an answer.

The NH1 meteorologists were certainly attempting to provide a thorough interpretation, but they stumbled terribly shortly after when they believed that this was only the light from the sun when it was trapped in the sky, but it doesn’t make sense because of the blue color of the light and, most notably, because it only occurred there from all locations.  

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