Warriors’ Draymond Green sounds off on NBA ‘death sentence’ he destroyed for good

Everyone knows how Stephen Curry revolutionized the game of basketball as we know it. The league has shifted rapidly to emulate the Golden State Warriors and their success centered on shooting from long-range. But he wasn’t the only game-changer on the roster – just ask Draymond Green.

The Warriors talisman showed the NBA that you could win with an undersized “tweener” playing up the middle. Draymond Green turned what used to be a novelty position, a versatile jack-of-all-trades type of player, into a must-have for teams in the modern game. Green recently spoke out on overcoming the “death sentence” that faced him as he entered the NBA

Via Warriors reporter for The Athletic, Marcus Thompson II:

“My goal when I came into the league was to make the word ‘tweener’ nonexistent,” Green said. “Saying ‘the next Draymond’ is essentially calling a guy a tweener but in a positive way. When I was coming out, it was a death sentence. It’s extremely gratifying to watch the draft and hear that because it means I’ve accomplished one of my many goals that I set out to accomplish.”

Green was drafted in the second round precisely because his type of player hadn’t found success in the league beyond just being an energy bench player. He used that as a chip on his shoulder to become a multiple-time All-Star and defensive player of the year, all while not owning a traditional position.

Now teams actively scout for players just like the Warriors star. Positionless used to be an insult, but thanks in part to Draymond Green, they’re finally in vogue.  

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