Warriors star Stephen Curry gets blasted for role in infamous Kevin Durant-Draymond Green fight

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green’s infamous on-court squabble from a few years back has recently resurfaced. This is after the former Golden State Warriors teammates made certain revelations about the incident in a recent tell-all interview.

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith has shared his thoughts on these recent developments, and the outspoken announcer brought up a particularly interesting point: where was Stephen Curry in all this?

“With all due respect, where was Steph Curry, the Baby-Faced as‌sassin, the greatest shooter that Go‌d has ever created, the clear absolute superstar player for this team, the face of the franchise? Where was he at in all of this? I found it very, very conspicuous that Kevin Durant and Draymond Green never mentioned his name, not one time,” Smith said on Thursday’s episode of ESPN’s First Take, via Michael Nowels of East Bay Times.

As Smith stated above, Curry IS the leader of the Warriors and now with the benefit of hindsight, you have to say that perhaps he should have played a bigger role in trying to mend fences between Green and Durant.

In the end, Durant decided to leave The Bay to take his talents to the Brooklyn Nets. KD himself admitted that the way the Warriors handled the Draymond Green issue was one of the biggest reasons behind his decision to jump ship. To this point, could one say that a Stephen Curry intervention could have saved Durant’s time with the Warriors?

You could also argue that KD already had his heart set in joining real-life BFF Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, but you also can’t help but wonder, what if Steph actually stepped in?

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