Why are the remains of giants discovered and then mysteriously disappeared?

Why are the remains of giants discovered and then mysteriously disappeared?

Stories about giants have always existed in ancient cultures, but so far it has always been rejected by modern human conceptions.

But if they are really biased, it’s not too much of a concern. The most worrisome thing is that they, on the one hand, reject those legends that are handed down, and on the other hand find ways to remove all evidence to prove the existence of that legend.

Giant’s jawbone and teeth have been found

Remnants of giants have been found all over the world, and there are also numerous excavations related to giants. However, many artifacts suddenly disappeared indistinctly. Is there a secret hiding behind these disappearances?

Sardinia is a floating island in the Aegean Sea, located to the west of the Italian peninsula, where it is considered to be home to a megalithic civilization that flourished 5,000 years ago. On the island of Sardinia there are about 800 megaliths known as the “tomb of the giants”. There are also 7,000 megaliths that have a pyramid-like structure and have become a world cultural heritage, some conical towers called “Nuraghe”.

In particular, there are some towers, walls and labyrinths made up of giant rocks weighing about 1 to 3 tons, which are piled up without any adhesive material. In addition, even today the island of Sardinia still circulates stories of giants. The people here believe that these elaborately built megalithic monuments are the works of the “ancient giants”.

In fact, finding “giant-sized jawbones and teeth” in the “tombs of giants” has also become an extremely hot topic that many people are interested in. These artifacts were originally discovered by locals in 2012. And for some unknown reason, they were kept by reporters living on the island.

According to the results of the analysis of the jawbone and the giant teeth found, they are completely similar to the internal structure of a normal person. It is said that the reporter commissioned his dentist friend to analyze these teeth, and the results showed that one tooth is about the same height as a human thumb and the other three teeth on The jawbone is very similar to human molars. Under normal circumstances, the size of human molars is about 2 cm, while the examined tooth measures up to 3.5 cm. Such a large tooth has never been seen before.

Two years later, in 2014, the British TV group “Forbidden history” publicly revealed these giant jaw bones and teeth in a video. The images in the video show a tooth the size of a normal person’s thumb, along with a huge jawbone that looks extremely heavy, and their color looks like milky white. similar in color to ivory.

At first, the dentist thought it was a fragment of the jawbone of some large mammal, but after analyzing it under the microscope used in surgery, it was discovered that the internal structure of the bone. The teeth are identical to the human tooth structure. Moreover, from the size of the teeth in the image, it can be inferred that the height of the tooth owner is between 2.4 and 3 meters.

Amazing evidence of a giant suddenly disappearing

In addition, the other reporter also told some very interesting stories. Before entrusting his dentist friend to the analysis, he commissioned a university in Cagliari, in the southern island of Sardinia, to date the teeth. For some reason, the dating of the tooth was stopped midway, and what made it even more strange was that communication between him and the university curator was also severed. He tried several times to contact the person in charge by phone and email, but received no response. Obviously, the cause was the other party’s deliberate avoidance of contact.

A few months after the reporter waited for the other party to contact him, a phone call from the university came in. Incredibly, the university said that “the tooth under test was missing.” When the reporter asked the details of the tooth loss, the other party replied: “All I can say is that, except that, I can’t say anything else.” After saying that, he hung up the phone.

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