Young people give their girlfriends an expensive and unique Valentine’s bouquet, when people look at it, they immediately say…

Young people give their girlfriends an expensive and unique Valentine’s bouquet, when people look at it, they immediately say...

The guy’s unique Valentine’s gift has gone viral all over Chinese social media.

On Valentine’s Day, in addition to chocolate, flowers are also the “default” gift that lovers give each other. Sometimes, giving your other half roses or custom bouquets has become too bland and boring option. So many young people today have been creative, come up with many interesting ideas to make their gifts stand out and make the other person impressed forever.

On February 14, Ms. Vuong – a small flower shop owner in Weifang city, Shandong province, China showed off an online order for a once-in-a-lifetime flower order from a customer who loved her home. The girl confirmed that this was the most unusual flower order she had ever met in her life and had a firm belief that she would never meet again.

A man brought a 100% real pig head to Ms. Vuong’s flower shop and boldly asked her to bundle it into a shimmering and brilliant bouquet to give to his girlfriend. Fortunately, the shop owner is a brave and respectful person. After the first time with shaking hands, she said that she was very calm and finished the bouquet for the customer, even felt very happy and excited about the result.

To highlight the main character is the pig’s head, Ms. Vuong only adorned a few baby flower branches around and wrapped it with matching colored wrapping paper. The pig also has beautiful makeup and has a rose in its mouth. Young customers are very satisfied with the product and soon gave feedback to the owner. It is known that when receiving a unique gift from her lover, the girlfriend was shocked to the core, standing still for many seconds.

This Valentine’s bouquet will surely make the girl remember forever

However, despite being so unique and creative, this gift was still commented by Chinese netizens with two words “scary”. Many netizens jokingly commented that this guy is “scheming” to want to break up, so he can think of such a soulful gift:

“If you want to break up, just say it out loud, sir.”

“Dude, I get it, you’re just looking for an excuse to fight to break up.”

“If it’s a girl, I can’t accept a gift like this!”

“Having many years of experience surfing the net, I thought I had seen all kinds of weird stories in the world, but still reading this news today, it really opened my eyes”

At the same time, there were also a few people who complimented the very cute pig-headed bouquet and deduced that it was most likely that the pig’s head was related to a certain memory of the couple, so the young man made a story. I don’t want to scare my girlfriend.

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